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Virtual Art Sale

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Now is the perfect time to become a George Jennings Art collector, to start an art wall, add to your art collection or buy a gift for someone else!

During this virtual art sale George Jennings Art’s signed small and large prints will be for sale and the price range is $20-$35. (Sizes vary.)

Additionally, greeting card gift/combo boxes will be available as well for $30 each. (10 greeting cards with matching envelopes are in each gift /combo box.)

Shipping costs are included in the price for each item.

During the live stream, we will keep it simple by having a number assigned to each item and you can just comment for the piece you want to purchase. For example type “#1 - Sold” if you are ready to purchase that particular item. Then send us an instant message with your email address to receive your invoice for payment. Event Link:

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