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Going back into the lab!

Hello Everyone!

Lately, I have been very busy working on the 24 - 4'x5' pieces that will be on display during my upcoming solo exhibit at the NW African American Museum in Seattle, Washington.

Last year, I was able to participate in a couple of art fairs early in the year but the pandemic required that all indoor and outdoor festivals be cancelled. Virtual art tours and a virtual art sale at the end of the year were well attended and I was glad that I was able to offer those opportunities to people who are interested in my work and hearing more from me about my creative process and my thoughts about my art in general. Thank you all!

Now, I have decided to go back into the lab and give my total focus to creating these pieces. This collection will be my best work to date and I look forward to sharing it with you all! In the meantime, I will discontinue selling work on my website, participating in art fairs, festivals and exhibits however, I will share parts of my process until the unveiling of the complete new collection. So, stay tuned and watch for updates in this space and on my Instagram page.

Thank you for your support and interest in my work. Be well.

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